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Using Bitcoin

How to use Bitcoin


First of all choose a Bitcoin “Wallet”. This is Bitcoin software which acts as an account from which you can manage transactions. They come in three main types, Desktop Clients, Mobile Wallets (for cellphone or tablet) and Web-based Wallets.

Just like a bank account you can have as many Wallets as you like. A common practice is to have a more secure, offline wallet, to store bitcoins and an online browser or mobile based wallet for sending and receiving them.

Below are some links to various providers, please note that you should always do your own research and choose a trustworthy service provider (you can research a service's reputation on websites such as We provide the below links as examples only


Desktop Clients – software for offline storage


Browser based – easier to set-up and use but 3rd party hosted


Mobile Wallet – there are more and more apps available on various operating systems


'Coinpocket' -

'Bitcoin Wallet' -

'Coinbase' -



Now you'll need to buy your first bitcoins. Bitcoins are a currency and like other currencies they can be bought and sold at Exchanges.

There are many Bitcoin Exchanges these days, some of the better known ones are

For further information and lists of local exchanges try



Using your bitcoins – when you place an order we will provide you with an 'address' to send your bitcoin payment to. This is in the form of an alphanumeric code and corresponding QR code – simply copy and paste the written code into the 'send' tab of your Wallet interface or use the inbuilt QR scanner to scan the QR code. You can then enter the exact amount of bitcoin and a description and send it to us. When we receive your bitcoin payment you will get an email invoice confirmation just like for any other payment method.

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