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Seizure and Guaranteed Delivery

Customs took my seeds! WTF!

As with life, ignorance is not an excuse, you've got be savvy about your local legal situation with cannabis seeds and abide by your local laws. This includes a responsibility to be aware that your seeds could be confiscated at your country's borders if you have not checked the laws.

In general a shipment which is stopped by customs will be have the seeds removed and then be sent on to you; they might also send you a seizure notice.

When the parcel or seizure notice arrives, take some photos and email our customer support team so we can confirm.


But I had Guaranteed Delivery on my order!

Wise decision! Once we have confirmed your product is not with you we will reship the order for free with new seeds and if you wish to then you can give us a different shipping address to try getting them out to. Remember to check the local laws before ordering.


I don't have Guaranteed Delivery on my order!

We strongly recommend adding Guaranteed Delivery to every order, for exactly this circumstance! If you haven't opted for it this time then don't be too disheartened, we'll happily add some Kush Money (discount points) to your account to take the sting out of the tail.

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